Saturday, May 21, 2011

PhilosophyTweet is Free on Twitter

PhilosophyTweet is free to followers on Twitter.

The Oracle at @PhilospphyTweet:

The philosophers at PhilosophyTweet are advisers to the intelligent. Many of our clients and followers are high net worth individuals around the world.

PhilosophyTweet goes beyond saving time and money, guiding people to the rich experience of a happy life.

Our advice is prized because good decisions always make us better off. Wisdom is worth more than gold.

It is not uncommon for us to meet with a client 5-10 hours a month. They pay us out of a percentage of their assets at a rate of around $300 an hour. This is the hourly figure we charge.

For speaking engagements we charge $20,000 per event. This is reasonable when you consider public figures are paid considerably more but have nothing of substance to say.

20 hour Seminars are limited to groups of 10 people at a rate of $2000 per person.

You can reach us by direct message on Twitter by following @PhilosophyTweet.

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